The area around Oualie Bay is known as the Jones Estate, a reminder of days past when in colonial times, the fertile lower slopes of Nevis were divided into plantation estates, each with it's own requisite greathouse for the owner of the estate. The Jones Estate is in fact a scenic, hilly area encompassing Hurricane Hill, Round Hill and Oualie Bay and Beach.

There is one small hotel, the 'Oualie Bay Beach Club and Hotel' with a small bar and restaurant. The remainder of the property is mostly privately owned residences either clustered around the bay, of which Yellow Bird is one, or hugging one of the few steep tracks into the hillside.

Oualie Bay Beach is a five minute stroll from our garden gate and offers soft golden sands and shallow, safe, very warm Caribbean waters. Hurricane Beach is about a twenty minute walk northwards. It is also known locally as Lovers Beach and is a wilder Atlantic shoreline. Ten minutes drive in a southerly direction along the Caribbean coastline takes you Cades Bay, dotted with seashells and leading directly onto Pinneys Beach, home to the Four Seasons Hotel and stretching all the way to Charlestown, the capital of Nevis.